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Configuring And Troubleshooting Windows XP Professional
Configuring And Troubleshooting Windows XP Professional

Author:Martin Grasdal, Brian Barber, Chad Todd, Norris L. Johnson, Jr., Robert Shimonski
Publisher: Syngress
Date Published:2001
Book Specifications: Softcover w/CD, 776 pages
Category: Windows/XP
Publisher's Suggested User Level: Not Rated
Reviewer's Recommended User Level: Intermediate
Suggested Publisher Price:$49.95 US / $77.95 CDN / £34.99 UK
Amazon US website
Amazon UK website
Category: Other Types | Added by: koelio (2008-10-28)
Views: 380 | Comments: 3 | Rating: 0.0/0 |
Total comments: 1
1 Teresa  
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